Ebay Account Suspended?

Worried man with head in his hands - an eBay suspension can be a devastating shock.


When your account is suspended the problem is that

But you need to understand that Ebay doesn't just suspend your account...

Ebay suspends YOU the PERSON
THAT is the real problem

But how in the world does Ebay find out that it's YOU?


The first thing Ebay must do is identify you.

And in order to do that reliably, they need to collect as much personally identifiable information from you as possible.

Ebay collects both visible as well as hidden electronic data.




Name & Address
Email & Phone
Bank Information
Credit Card




IP Address
Local Shared Objects
Web Beacons

And all of the above combined, contribute to form your:

Electronic Fingerprints - Ebay or Paypal can detect your electronic fingerprints

And guess what... Ebay keeps ALL your Electronic Fingerprints



They NEVER delete anything

But don't worry, we'll show you how to get around all that.


Whenever a new account is opened, Ebay compares the new account with every other account in its database.
Then they use a simple, but very strict, 3-step process...


If any information matches, they know that the same person opened both accounts.


Once they see that the same person owns both accounts, they "Link" the two accounts.


If this new account is linked to a suspended account, it will also be suspended.

THAT's how they stop you from opening new accounts


Here is a short clip that shows this process

Most people believe that if they explain the situation, Ebay will understand...



Without a warning, Ebay will suddenly pull the rug out from under your livelihood with little or no explanation. Then, adding insult to injury, they give little importance to your desperate pleas for help. They effectively put you out of business by preventing you from opening another account.


It's shocking. But here are two facts you need to realize:

If your Ebay account has been suspended permanenently, they are NEVER going to let you sell for the rest of your life.


- and -


Ebay will TRICK you into giving them all your personal information.


There's a sneaky thing they do to you after your Ebay account has been suspended. They know that you are desperate because your stream of income has been shut off and you will do anything to be allowed to sell again.


Knowing this, Ebay will take advantage of your emotional state by giving you the IMPRESSION that if you send them all your personal information, including your driver's license, utility bills, social security number, etc., they might reinstate your account.


But as you saw... they STILL did not reinstate your account.


The truth is, they never had ANY intention of reinstating you, they only needed you to THINK so. This way, they can easily get you to send them all your personal info that they need in order to:


Collect money you may owe them (or else ruin your credit).


Accurately identify you if you try to open another account.


Yep. Ebay tricked you.


You probably sent them everything they asked for in hopes that they would reinstate your account. But don't feel bad, they do this to everybody, every time. And people fall for it every time.


Now they know exactly who you are and it will be impossible to open another account in your own name without getting it suspended almost immediately.


But can you learn how to get back on Ebay? Fortunately, yes...


If they told you that "your Ebay account is suspended indefinitely",
the ONLY way you will ever sell again is by...




The sooner you realize this, the sooner you'll get back to selling.
And the ONLY way to make Ebay think you are someone new is by opening an




Our method is basically the Ebay linking process IN REVERSE:


Open an account with 100% different visible AND hidden information (electronic fingerprints).


Because Ebay cannot link this new account to any other account, they will assume you are a new member.


And because they think you are a new member, they'll let you open an account and let you sell again.


You are back on Ebay.



Here's a short clip that illustrates this:

And there's something else you should know...



Some people think that making MOST of the information different will change their overall fingerprints and that this will be enough to fool Ebay. But this is incorrect.


Even if you leave just ONE piece of information the same, it can be enough to link you. Some of these may seem unimportant to you, but Ebay looks at everything.


Having 90% of the information different is not enough. It has to have EVERYTHING different, including (and especially) the hidden electronic information. In other words...


An account has to be 100% Un-Linkable to be reliable.

You need the knowledge to open

truly 100% Un-Linkable Ebay Accounts.



The Back On Ebay Manual

The easiest, most complete and authoritative manual on

Opening 100% Un-Linkable Ebay Accounts.

  • Easy to Understand

    Written in plain and simple English with lots of diagrams, photos and videos.
  • Easy and Quick to Do

    A few simple things anyone can do and you can be back on Ebay in minutes.
  • Legal Methods

    No fake documents or IDs needed and everything is legally accessible.
The Back On Ebay Manual cover will show you  after suspension or you rPaypal account has been limited, by opening unlinkable Ebay Accounts
  • Works EVERY time

    You WILL be back on Ebay. Guaranteed. Or your money back.
  • 100% Un-Linkability

    It's IMPOSSIBLE for Ebay to link you and your accounts will be stable as a rock.
  • Stay on Ebay

    You'll learn how to keep your accounts safe from ever getting suspended again.

Features Of The Back On Ebay Manual

All the features you need minus the fluff you don't.

The Back On Ebay Manual is straight to the point. It will show you how to get back on Ebay after suspension
You'll hit the ground running. No whining stories. No long introduction. We jump right in and start telling you exactly what you need to do.
Written by IT Professionals who know what they're doing.
  • Simple but not Simplistic

    Not just a list of things to do. Our Manual walks you through each step with complete explanations.
  • Well Organized

    We have carefully laid out every step in the most efficient order. You'll glide smoothly and quickly from start to finish.
Easy to understand. Written in plain and simple English - no geek talk here. We may be geeks ourselves, but we know you're not.
We don't assume you already know how to do something. We show you CLICK-BY-CLICK with lots of pictures.
  • No "Techie" Words

    We use normal everyday language. We've made easy for anyone to get back after your Ebay account has been suspended.
  • Lots Of Graphics

    A picture is worth a thousand words, so we've included plenty of diagrams, photos, screenshots and videos to make sure everything is completely clear.
The Back On Ebay Manual is super easy. It will show you  and Paypal with very easy steps.
Every country has their own laws, banking system and resources. Even though our techniques may apply to other countries, we have specialized in four specific ones.
Our manual is customized for the US, UK, CA and AU. These four countries are special cases. And they ARE treated differently by Ebay and Paypal. If you live in one of these countries, this is the manual for you.

    The SSN situation is unique to the US. It's something you must deal with carefully when you are setting up your accounts so you don't break the law.

    Banking in the UK has additional restrictions and new European Union rules further affect how Ebay and Paypal treat the accounts of UK residents.

    While similar to the US (like requiring SIN), there are significant differences, such as having three different categories of banks: Schedule I, II, and III.

    With strong ties to the UK, Australia shares many characteristics with Britain. However, things ARE a bit different in the land down under.
Some authors lock their ebook so you can only read it on one computer at a time. But we won't do that to you...
  • Read It On Any Device

    Our manual is not handcuffed to only one computer like some other ebooks. Ours is just good old Adobe PDF. You can copy our Manual and read it on as many devices as you like - even mobile devices.
  • Easy Access

    And you don't have to enter a password to read our manual. Just click (or tap) and it opens instantly anytime and anywhere.
The Back On Ebay Manual is portable. You can read it on any device. Even mobile devices. You can learn  and Paypal by opening unlinkable Ebay Accounts on the go. Anywhere and anytime.
This is no short little guide. It's the complete manual for opening AND maintaining 100% Un-Linkable Ebay Accounts.
It Fulfills Two Main Purposes:
  • 1. Quick Directions

    If your ebay account has been suspended, you will quickly learn how to get back to selling with our easy step-by-step directions.
  • 2. Full Reference Information

    Important INSIDE information you need to keep your Un-Linkable Ebay Accounts safe and running smoothly. You won't find THIS information in Ebay help pages!
The Back On Ebay Manual is a complete manual. It is a complete set of step by step instructions to teach you  and Paypal using unlinkable Ebay Accounts

The Back On Ebay Manual Is...


to understand







And There's More

Sell Brand Name (VERO) Items

Use This Trick And You'll Never Be Hassled

Get Ebay's Trust and Safety Department OFF YOUR BACK. Protect yourself from getting your listings removed. We'll explain how VERO really works and how to make them leave you alone.

Quadruple Your Sales (and more)

No Limits On How Much You Can Sell

We'll show you how to open and work with Multiple Accounts. This gives you not only unlimited power to sell, but also the peace of mind that no matter what, you can always keep on selling.

You'll never be alone

Professional Customer Support

Our 7-Days-A-Week, One-On-One Customer Support by trained Professionals will be with you all the way. Get all your questions answered quickly, in detail and courteously. Even on Holidays.

You'll Save Money

Our Manual Pays For Itself

No need to go out and buy a new computer, modem or router like some people suggest. That's ridiculous. We'll show you how to do it with the SAME computer, modem and router.

Sleep Like A Baby

Fear and worry - GONE

You'll know exactly how to open 100% Un-Linkable Ebay Accounts, making them bullet-proof against any linking by Ebay or Paypal. You'll KNOW that Ebay and Paypal can't link you.

Free Yourself From Your Desktop

Operate From A Mobile Device

Work anywhere and anytime. Use your tablet or smartphone to work with your Ebay and Paypal accounts on the go. List items, receive notifications, check your sales, edit your listings, etc.


Knowledge Is Power

With The Back On Ebay Manual You'll be able to...

Dominate Ebay

Become An Unstoppable Selling Machine

With multiple accounts, you can sell many different products from many different accounts, all at the same time! Like a bunch of pirahnas on a feeding frenzy all over Ebay. Just imagine!

Dominate Paypal

How To Never Give Your SSN To Paypal (US)

Verify & Confirm Paypal 100% without letting them know who you are. How to withdraw money safely so you never have any trouble. How to Keep Paypal from freezing your account.

Laugh At Seller Limits

And Laugh All The Way To The Bank

Since a few years ago, Ebay has been placing limits on new sellers. We'll show you how to get around seller limits so you can sell as many items as you want and make as much money as you want.

Work Accounts By Remote Control

No Need To Log In To Ebay Directly

Be 100% protected. We'll show you how to use a remote intermediary - fully trusted by Ebay - to log in and list items in your behalf. Like controlling a robot from a distance! Wild but true.

Never Pay A Membership Fee

And No Need To Dig For Answers

Don't pay to spend hours in a blog or forum reading post after post with confusing opposite opinions. With our FREE customer service you get correct, quick answers one-on-one with a professional.

Get Back On Other Websites

Have You Been Banned Elsewhere?

Other sites like Amazon, Facebook, game sites, etc. use the same tactics to "link" you to a suspended or banned account and prevent you from opening new accounts. Our techniques work there too.



It defeats the purpose if you get back on Ebay, but then get kicked off again. You need to know how to make Ebay Accounts last.


You have to learn what to do and what NOT to do so you never get suspended again.


And you DO NOT want to base your Ebay business on someonebody's opinion in apost on a Forum or a Blog!

When it comes to your income, you want reliable information from people that know what they're doing. And that's us.

Advice from amateurs can get you into trouble.

Ebay Accounts opened with the Back On Ebay Manual are



We are a group of knowledgeable IT professionals who fully understand all the techniques that Ebay uses for linking and suspending accounts. We created a team to help those who have been unjustly (or justly) suspended. We provide a means for you to get the second chance which Ebay is unwilling to give you.

We WILL Get You Back On Ebay


We Are Focused - Our full attention is on Ebay, Paypal and YOU, nothing else. We don't sell "Make Money Online" or other junk ebooks.

We Know Our Stuff - We spent several YEARS of formal education in college, not just a few months of "online research" or "trial-and-error".

We Specialize - Although our manual can be used for other countries, we specialize in US, UK, Australian and Canadian acounts.

Direct Personal Help - The fastest, most knowledgeable and courteous one-on-one customer support on the internet.

Base Your Income On Solid Ground

Get Help From Professionals

You Will Never Be Alone

Our customer support personnel are professional IT experts who will show you how to get back on after your Ebay account is suspended.

Customer Support

Have you ever tried to use a forum to get some help? You'll spend hours reading post after post with so many different opinions that you'll end up even more confused than when you started.
Untrained people giving their opinion in a forum is like the blind leading the blind. And after getting suspended from Ebay, the last thing you need is more confusion.


There's just no substitute for one-on-one real help from knowledgeable IT professionals. With us, you get personal help quickly, courteously and it's FREE for LIFE.

The customer service is worth the price of the purchase alone.

Jay Ryan

Everything You Need

The Following Are All Included

Keeping Your Accounts Safe

We'll show you how to sell anything, even high-risk, VERO, luxury and collector items without Ebay's Trust and Safety Dept. breathing down your neck.


One-On-One Quick Support

No need to spend hours looking for an answer in a forum. Get real personal support by trained personnel who give you fast and correct answers.


Overcome Any Selling Limits

No risky tactics that can trigger a verfication call and shut you down. We'll tell you the surest way to increase your seller limits both instantly and safely.


Resources, Tools & Tricks

The best virtual credit cards and bank accounts to use. How to pass Ebay's phone questioning like a pro. And every tool and trick that is currently working.



The Back On Ebay Manual is...

Go TRULY Stealth and learn  after your Ebay account is suspended with The Back On Ebay Manual.
The Owner's Manual for Creating AND Maintaining 100% Un-Linkable Ebay Accounts.

The Back On Ebay Manual has been featured on:

The back on Ebay Manual has been featured in the Huffington Post
The back on Ebay Manual has been featured in the Guardian
The back on Ebay Manual has been featured in the Univision Blog.
The back on Ebay Manual has been featured in the DansDeals Forum.
Getting back on Ebay after a suspension with Unlinkable Ebay Accounts is easier than you think.


Clear step-by-step directions so you can’t go wrong.

No fancy technical words, just plain everyday language.

Lots of pictures, diagrams, screenshots and videos.

Support 7 days a week FREE for LIFE by a team of professionals.


There's No Possibility Of Failure

Your Full Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We're so sure that you will DEFINITELY be back on Ebay and Paypal with our method, that we give you a 60 day full money-back Guarantee.

You WILL be back on Ebay.

We guarantee 100% that you WILL get back on after your Ebay account is suspended by using an Unlinkable Account or your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this legal?

Yes. There is absolutely nothing you will do that is illegal. You don't have to fake any documents, IDs, bank accounts, Social Security Numbers, credit cards or anything else. You'll get everything you need to open un-linkable accounts easily and legally.

Isn't this kind of technical? I'm afraid I might not understand it.

No need to be afraid of that. On the contrary, we wrote the manual in plain English, not in "geek speak". Where we cannot avoid calling something by its name, such as “IP address”, we go to great lengths to explain it in a way that even a child can understand (with pictures and everything).

Also, you will get direct customer support contact information so you can ask us any questions you may have. Our customer support is 7 days a week and it is free for life to anyone who buys the manual.

I don't live in the US, UK, Australia or Canada, will this still work for me?

The short answer is yes. Ebay and Paypal use the same monitoring and detection techniques worldwide.

However, our manual is written in English and it focuses on the US, UK, Australian and Canadian laws, banking systems and Ebay and Paypal policies. Also, there are resources available in these nations which may not be available in yours, so you may have to substitute them with what is available where you live.

Why not just wait to see if Ebay will reinstate my account?

Sure, you can do that, but if your suspension is permanent, there is nothing you can do that will get your account reinstated. You are suspended for life and no matter what you do they will never let you back on again. If you are permanently suspended from Ebay, the only way you are ever going to sell again is by using Un-Linkable accounts.

If your suspension is temporary due to non-payment of Ebay fees or a minor violation, then sure, you can wait.. and wait... and wait...

However, there are 4 very important disadvantages to consider:

1 - You can't be sure when or if they will reinstate you. They are famous for treating suspended sellers like criminals, ignoring your emails and making you wait for answers. When an answer finally comes, it is usually very vague and general, leaving you even more confused. Meanwhile, you can’t make money and Ebay can keep you "on hold" like this for a long, long time.

2 - Your account will be very unstable. Even if you do everything perfectly and follow all the rules from then on, you will FOREVER be classified as a "Previously Suspended Seller". They will always look at you with suspicion. They will watch you like a hawk from now on. At any sign that you are doing something wrong, you’ll be suspended again. And this time, most likely, permanently.

3 - You listings will suffer. From now on, your listings will never get the same visibility they once enjoyed because Ebay will PURPOSELY push your listings lower in the search results. As a result, your sales will be terrible.

4 - They will demand too much personal information. They will ask you for photo ID, utility bills, receipts of your products, etc. They'll try to give you the impression that if you give them all this info, they will reinstate you. But what they don't tell you is that the most important reason they want all this info is so that they can collect from you if you end up owing them money. So don't be a fool and don't give them all your personal information.

Why do you advice against buying pre-made Ebay accounts for sale?

First, let's mention that there are basically two kinds of pre-made account sellers: Those that make the accounts themselves and those that resell accounts (buy them from one person and sell to another). We'll call the guys that make them "Account MAKERS" and the ones that resell accounts "Account RESELLERS". They both make their money by exploiting the fact that most people don't know how easy it is to make them or their lack of confidence to make them correctly.

There are several reasons why buying a pre-made Ebay account is not a good idea:

1 – First, Ebay accounts for sale are WAY too expensive. Pre-made account sellers will charge you anywhere between $40 to $200 USD (and even more) and then a matching Paypal account will cost you another $30 to $85 USD. This is for something that took them only a few minutes to make. And the only difference between you and them is that they know what to do.

2 – You could be getting an Ebay "stealth" account that is badly made from scratch. Some of these guys don’t even know what they’re doing. They are not tech-trained. They don’t know all the hidden network security traps set up by Ebay and Paypal and the degree to which you can be tracked online. And they will leave fingerprints all over the accounts they make or resell. Those accounts are ticking time-bombs that can blow up in your face at any moment.

3 – An Ebay account for sale becomes risky as soon as it changes hands. Why? Because the guy that made the account had to make it using certain information such as phone number, bank account, credit card, the IP address used to create the Ebay account (which is tied to a specific geographical area), his own computer, etc. But as soon as you take over that Ebay account, you will have to change some things when you start to use it. You will be using a different computer than the one he was using, a different IP address, a different bank account and a few other things that our manual will explain. In summary, you will have to change several different “fingerprints” within a short period of time... and don't kid yourself, Ebay WILL notice this.

You see, Ebay KNOWS that people sell Ebay accounts to others. So when they notice certain characteristics, such as several profile changes in a short period of time or an account that has not been selling for a while and then suddenly it starts to sell a bunch of items, they suspect the account has changed hands. People with Ebay accounts for sale will let accounts sit there for a few months so it "ages". So now they can ask for more money and sell it to you as a 30 day old account, or 60, 90 or more day old account. But the catch is that during that whole time, the account has been inactive. And now, when you take over that Ebay account, by necessity you have to start changing a bunch of info in order to be able to use it. You have to change the IP address, the phone number, the bank account, the credit card, etc. all in a short period of time. Then, all of a sudden, you start selling a bunch of items after the account has been dormant for months. Don't you think Ebay is going to notice? They'll know that you have an account that has changed hands. Ebay isn't stupid. They know it goes on and they've seen it happen over many years. So what Ebay will do to make sure is that they'll have their computers start monitoring that account closely. If they see further evidence, their computers will alert a human employee to take a close look at your account to determine if you should be asked to call in to “verify your account”. That's why accounts that are sold don't last too long. They'll last long enough so that the guy that sold you the account can tell you that the account worked but that it was your fault that they shut it down.

4 – By using these Ebay accounts for sale, you'll be basing your business on a risky foundation. You won’t know the real history of the account. If you buy it from an Account Reseller, God knows who had that account before. How did the previous owner use it? Was he selling any suspicious items? How did he treat his customers? Did he always ship on time? How are his Seller Ratings? His feedback? Has he had any defects? Has he had any items removed in the past? What was the reason for the removal? And why is he selling the account? Do you want to start out your Ebay business with all that uncertainty?

5 – You won’t learn how to make or protect the account. This is probably the biggest reason for not buying a pre-made account. The risk of your pricey newly bought Ebay account getting suspended is even higher when you don’t fully understand how to keep them safe. It's a waste of your time and your money to pay someone to sell you an account, when that account is very likely to get suspended again because you don't know how to take care of it. It's like selling you a car when you don't know how to drive.

6 - Your new "Ebay account for sale" can get even more expensive. When that costly pre-made account gets suspended (as most pre-made accounts get suspended again within the first month), the seller will probably make you another one as part of their "guarantee", but when that second account gets suspended again, you'll be out of luck. You'll have to buy a another one. And you can't just buy a new Ebay account and re-use the same Paypal account. If you do that, the two Ebay accounts will be linked because they share the same Paypal account. So now you have to cough up another $70 to $285 USD for a new pair of Ebay + Paypal accounts. Each time your Ebay account gets suspended, you have to buy an entirely new pair of Ebay + Paypal accounts. How many times do you want to go through that cycle? But if you find how to do it yourself, you won’t need to spend any more money buying other people's accounts. You can just make your own accounts for free anytime you want.

7 – It makes you DEPENDENT on another person for your Ebay income. So now you'll be dependent on TWO people for your income – Ebay and the pre-made account seller... What happens if you get suspended and you can't get a hold of the guy so you can buy another account? What if he disappears altogether? And wasn't one of the reasons that you got into selling on Ebay so you could be independent? Why would you want to make your income dependent on some guy you don't even know? Learn to make them yourself and be independent... You won't even need us!

8 – They're just taking advantage of you. As harsh as this may sound, it is nevertheless true. If you buy an Ebay account that someone else made, you are being taken for a fool. Think about this: Would you pay someone to open a Facebook account for you? How about paying someone to open a Gmail or a Hotmail account for you? This is what you would be doing if you pay someone to open a "Stealth Account" or Un-Linkable account for you. The only difference is you have to do a few things differently, that's all. Don't throw your money away like that. Spend it on learning how to do it yourself and you will never need anyone else again.

There’s no need to buy any Ebay accounts for sale. Instead, learn how to do it yourself. It's really not that hard. Then you can set them up just the way you want them right from the beginning. They will be safer, more stable and you can make as many as you want, anytime you want, for free.


How long before I am back on Ebay?

If you can read English and you can follow directions, you can be back on Ebay as quickly as it takes you to open a normal Ebay and Paypal account.

Will the Paypal account also be un-linkable?

Yes. The manual will show you how to open a Paypal account that will be un-linkable and will match the Ebay account.

Will I be able to withdraw money from Paypal to my bank?

Yes, you will be able to transfer your Paypal balance to your own bank account.

Do I have to buy a new computer or router?

Absolutely not. There is no need to buy another computer or router. If you've heard this before then you've been reading or listening to someone that is not tech-trained and has no idea what he's talking about. This is one of the disadvantages of following people's advice in forums and blogs or buying ebooks from marketers, who come up with these awkward and expensive solutions as a result of their "trial and error" or their "online research". We know what we are doing and we will save you a tremendous amount of time and trouble. If you follow our directions, you'll see it's easier and cheaper than you think.

Will I have to change my Internet Provider to change my IP address?

No, not at all. You could if you wanted to, but it's not necessary to get so radical. The manual will show you 8 other ways to change your IP address while keeping your current Internet Provider.

What exactly do I get when I buy your manual?

You will get an Adobe Reader PDF file, like this: backonebay.pdf which you will download to your computer. After payment, you will immediately see a screen with a link to download the file.

Can I read it on my tablet or mobile device?

Yes, we don't lock our manual to a single machine. Some people do that, but we don't. You can copy and read our manual on any computer, tablet or mobile device you like.

Are there any recurring charges?

No, there are absolutely no recurring charges, fees, subscriptions, memberships or any of that. You buy our manual one time and that's it. You never pay us anything again.

Is your support really free?

Yes, our customer support is 100% free to all buyers of the manual 7 days a week FOREVER.

Besided the manual, will I have other expenses?

Yes, but they are very minimal ($5 to $15 USD) to buy some of the things you will need, like a Virtual Credit Card. The manual will show you how to get most of the things you need for free.

Do I have to pay for updates? How do I get them?

Our updates are free for life for anyone that has bought our manual. The way we notify you is through our Youtube channel. Just subscribe to our Youtube channel and you will be notified whenever there is an update. You then contact us and we will send you a link to the new version so you can download it.

Will I be able to use my smartphone to work with my accounts?

Yes, no need to be tied to your computer all the time. You will be able to list items, renew listings, check sales, answer questions, etc. right from your mobile device.

Can I operate an un-linkable and a real account at the same time?

Yes, if you want to keep and continue to operate your original Ebay account at the same time that you have un-linkable accounts, the manual will show you how to operate them all at the same time without any interference.

I have a special situation, can you help?

Sure, just contact us and we will work with you. There is hardly any situation that we have not already run into before, so most likely it will not be new to us.

What if I can't get back on Ebay, do you offer a refund?

Yes. We offer a 100% money back guarantee. We know for sure that you WILL learn how to get back on eBay by following the step-by-step procedures in our Manual – there’s no way you cannot. But if you become the first person that cannot get back to buying and selling on eBay by following our manual, contact us within 60 days of purchase and we will give you a 100% refund of your payment.



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We accept all major credit and debit cards worldwide.

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 Anyone reading this who is having doubts about the manual....DON'T HESITATE!! I bought the manual around six weeks ago and since purchasing it I now have a new Ebay and Paypal account and I am up and running once again! Jonathan is an extremely friendly and helpful guy who answers any questions for you pretty much immediately! Probably one of the best investments you will ever make!!

Paul Dann



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 I purchased this and was very impressed. Clear and easy guide which actually worked! Thanks a lot.




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 Hey guys, just wanted to say: Thank you so much for this so easy to understand manual and for the great customer service!!! xxx And if someone is having doubts about the manual - Honestly, this works! - Just follow the steps! :)  

Danita Z



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 Thank you SOO much Jonathan, not only is this the greatest manual out there; but this combined with your great customers service has finally helped me get back on ebay :)  

Hannah C



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 The customer service is worth the price of the purchase alone. Seriously, I am far from an I.T. expert. Truth be told basically, I'm old school computer chanllenged! Every question was answered quickly and courteously. BEST MONEY IVE SPENT IN YEARS. Get passed the schock and get back on with this knowledge and better than before.  

Jay Ryan



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 I've had the book for a couple of months, Its very easy to follow and they kindly reply if you have questions. I had some confusions and they cleared them up pretty fast. The book is great if you make a living off eBAy or simply do it for the extra cash. Don't hesitate to purchase. You will get your money's worth.  

Richard Cardenas



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 Thanks So much, the manual is awesome just what I needed well worth the money I can't believe how sneaky ebay and pay pal are thanks so much guys will recommend you to others.  

Alvin Lindsay



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 Thank you so much for the book, the book is very detailling and comprehensible, we can definitely understand each step, and the customer service is really GREATT!!:) respond really quick to your questions.  

Mike Todo



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 Don't Hesitate to buy the manual, one of the best investments!! Completely worth!!! I am back on ebay!!! Great site and book, excellent customer service!!!! Thanks Jonathan for kind and professional reply's. Thanks so much Jonathan.  

Vic M.



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 Hey, John just wanted to check with you things have been going great with the Paypal accounts and Ebay greatly thank you for all the help you have done with me again thank you best investment ever. Thanks to you and your team. If i have anymore questions will definitely contact you guys.  

Brannedon Williams



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 First of all, I just want to say thank you so much for this manual. I've read the manual and I can tell you guys know what you are doing. Thank you for putting in the work to give people like me such helpful information. I appreciate the professionalism. The video, the website, the manual, and customer service are superb.  

Rob Zemke



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 Best manual ever! People go and buy this manual in a heartbeat, best investment ever, with only a really cheap one time price! Customer service is the best, i get really fast detailed responses no matter how silly my questions may be lol. Now im back on ebay and paypal and have several accounts which work perfectly fine all thanks to these guys, everyone go and buy now!  

Robert Hall



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 Truly a savior, you guys helped me so much!!!! Your email support, your manual, you guys are super awesome!!!! People who are thumbs downing this video are people who are too cheap and ignorant to get this manual. Guys im telling you, BUY IT, it will save you serious amount of time and time is money. you have suppport and free updates for life with this.  




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 Thanks for all your help guys, I got back on ebay and I did what your manual says to just make a fresh paypal account to withdraw money from my sales and it works like a charm. I got the $500 withdraw limit released so I can withdraw more than that per month. I'm making money again THANKS!  


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 I am sooooo glad I finally took a chance on buying your book. All is looking good. The steps involved do take a bit of time and learning some new techie stuff. But, I'm an old lady and only mildly technically inclined, and I figure it out. I read the manual over a couple of days, then it took me maybe 2 days to get everything sorted out, and I now have a new Paypal and Ebay account. Taking it slow, per your advice, but it looks promising. My outlay as far as total cash to do this, was just under $100. It can be done for less, but I chose to pay for a new mailbox for 6 months which was $65. This isn't necessary, but would suit my purposes best, so was worth the extra cost. Of course, I wanted to be sure Ebay can't figure out who I am before I posted this lol! I'm sure that's the only reason others haven't posted how great this book, and the customer service, is. I've been back and forth through emails clarifying things several times, and have received great service and great advice and info. This is worth the money. I suggest that people not be afraid to do this. You will need to learn some technical stuff, but if I can do it, you can do it. Cheers and thanks, guys!  

Micro Living



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 Wow, this worked!!! Thanks!!! I managed to get back to selling my merchandise on Ebay. It was easy to understand and easy to do just like they say. Worth checking out.  

Ed Loz



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 Hey, John just wanted to check with you things have been going great with the Paypal accounts and Ebay greatly thank you for all the help you have done with me again thank you best investment ever. Thanks to you and your team. If i have anymore questions will definitely contact you guys.  

Lavish B



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 This video made a dull subject like getting suspended from ebay entertaining but at the same time kept a professional atmosphere. Judging from how hard you must have worked on this video and how you presented the information, your manual must be pretty good Im checkin it out.  

William Ross



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 Dear you, I had read complete your manual and it's great and details. Thanks you.  

Phu Quach



The following are from direct emails from our customers.


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 Hi guys, I followed all the steps provided in the book and was able to create both an Ebay and Paypal accounts. Thank you. 

Ousmane C.



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 Hi, wow, you answered all my questions amazingly. Thank you again for all these many emails. You really are the best.  

Debbie F.



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 Bought your eBook over 4 months ago. Opened an Ebay and paypal account and started listing items. All is fine.  


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 Hello, I bought your manual and love it. It was worth it. I am very impressed Jonathan with your answers. You know, there are so many ebook scams out there...and no matter how impressive the presentation, even the guarantee, I was realling "rolling the dice" by buying your program. You spent a lot of time with me, and I am grateful. Thanks for giving sellers a trump card over this merciless insanity.Thanks so much for providing a real service. I will try to leave a message in your youtube video telling others of my great experience with you. I know many think you are a scam (not rationally)....they need some assurance, so I hope I help. 

Roy L.



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 Your program is very helpful man thank you a lot.  


Andrew I.



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 I had completely forgotten about the 50 mile rule. I'm glad I asked you before going ahead. Thank you so much for your helpful response. I'm really impressed with the level of customer service. It is much appreciated.  

Chris P.



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 Thank you for a great book!  


Roman K.



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 Hello Jonathan, I got my unlinkable ebay and paypal accounts up.  


Keisha T.



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 Thank you so much for that detailed and thorough reply!! I have discovered many options for getting back on ebay, however, due to the level of professionalism I've experienced thus far with you guys... i know you guys have the answers and i will most certainly be purchasing instructions from you!  

Michael D.



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 The information has been helpful. Appreciate your kind advice.  


Lisa C.



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 Hi, I have successfully changed my home ip with your instructions, thanks so much. You seem very knowledgeable. Again, thanks so much for the wealth of info.  

Eve W.



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 Thanks for your thorough and prompt reply. I realize that we are in different time zones, so it seems you answered me first thing in the morning! Everything you told me makes sense. Thank you again, Jonathan. You are terrific!  

Berie W.



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 I bought Back On Ebay v5 , but now you have v6, can you send updated ebook for free, or I have to buy it again?  

Andrei P.


testimonial photo testimonial photo

 Hi Andrei, no, you don't have to buy it again. All our customers get free updates for life. Here is the link for you to download it: (link was here in original email).

So you won't miss any updates and other news that affect Unlinkable Ebay Accounts, you may subscribe to our Youtube channel by going here:

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